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Instruction Tailored to Individuals with Special Needs

Coping with serious injuries, illnesses, and long-term disabilities can be daunting, but you shouldn't have to sacrifice the convenience of driving a car. Sign up with Northwestern Ohio Driver Training School, Inc. to learn adaptive driving techniques that will enable you to enjoy the freedoms driving provides.


Northwestern Ohio Driver Training School Inc., of Stryker, OH teaches individuals in Bryan, Stryker, Defiance, and Wauseon to drive using a specially-tailored curriculum.

Professional instructional referrals always welcome

Area drivers are often referred to Northwestern Ohio Driver Training School, Inc. by doctors, government agencies and family members. We are renowned in the area for the effectiveness of our customizable instruction programs.

Prepare yourself to follow all the rules of the road

Special needs do not create special traffic laws — so you'll have to learn to adapt. Licensed by the Department of Public Safety, through the Driver Training Program, our instructors will impart both the confidence and skill you need to share the road successfully with your neighbors.

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